AMK Grief Recovery Care

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Your Grief Recovery Specialist

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Marsha Davis Chism is a baby boomer from the mid fifties. Her spiritual principles are belief in God, acceptance of Jesus as personal savior and treat others as she wants to be treated. Major accomplishments are (a) receiving Masters Degree; (b) becoming a certified Grief Recovery Specialist; and (c) acceptance into the University of Phoenix doctoral program. Marsha feels her role as an African American woman is to provide wisdom and knowledge to generations to come by continuing the journey of women who paved the way

Marsha’s natural skills are organizational leadership, planning and organizing, development, fundraising and hospitality. At an early age she was introduced to the field of volunteerism and fundraising leadership by performing community and neighborhood services to improve the daily lives of peers, church friends and neighbors. As a result, she developed her drive to give back to the community and to make a difference. The focus of employment has been that of making a difference in the lives of individuals.

The greatest inspiration was her 101 year-old great aunt , Adell Pucket (Nantie), who was a 55-year breast cancer survivor. Her wisdom, spirit, strength and love are what made Marsha the woman she is today.